How Swaggin works?

Eco Friendly, Competitive Print on demand drop shipping and fulfillment warehouse services.

Start a projects

Your store

Set up an online store on your website and upload as many designs as you want for your t-shirts, band buttons, and other merch items.

When customers order from your website, this will automatically be placed on our system.


Once a customer places an order from your store, we will be instantly notified.

We will then manufacture their orders on-demand.

This means that we will print them on a per-order basis. You will get a tracking number.

Your Client

We will ship your merch items to your customers.

We will add a bit of TLC to make it look like you shipped them out yourself.

You can choose the packaging of your choice and we can even attach a special note from you to make it extra special.

Unified Manufacturing

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